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The Competence and Adherence Scale for Transdiagnostic Modular Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CAS-TM-CBT) is an observation-based instrument measuring the therapist’s adherence and competence in transdiagnostic modular cognitive behavioural therapy for children. Please read or download the "Competence and Adherence Scale for Transdiagnostic Modular Cognitive Behavioural Therapy" here.

The instrument is a modified version of the ”Competence and Adherence Scale for Cog­nitive Behavioural Therapy (CAS-CBT)” (Bjåstad, Haugland and Fjermestad, 2014, 2015; Bjaastad et al., 2016). The CAS-CBT includes 12 items measuring the therapist’s adherence and competence in carrying out cognitive behavioural therapy for children with anxiety. (

The CAS-TM-CBT has been developed in connection with the testing of the Mind My Mind (MMM) treatment program (Clinical Trial Identifier: NCT03535805) which is a CBT program for school children with anxiety, depressive symptoms and/or behavioural problems. MMM consists of therapy directly with the child as well as parental behaviour training, where the parents are the agents of change for the child. All in all, the MMM treatment program (Kjerholt, Arendt, Jørgensen and Jepsen, 2016) consists of 35 problem specific and generic modules, which each consist of a number of interventions. The MMM manual can be used flexibly so it is adapted to the individual child. MMM therefore differs from other CBT manuals where CAS-CBT has been used.

The CAS-TM-CBT includes the operationalization of all items and scoring instructions, which have been adjusted for transdiagnostic and modular CBT manuals. The CAS-TM-CBT includes a new item Flexibility in treatment plan (item 13) which measures the thera­pist’s measuring out and sequencing of modules adapted to the individual child compared to a prototypical treatment. The CAS-TM-CBT does not in advance state fixed goals for the session, but for the individual interventions that are performed.

The CAS-TM-CBT can be used to measure adherence and competence in other flexible transdiagnostic and modular CBT manuals by replacing the catalogue of MMM interventions in appendix C with a corresponding catalogue of interventions in the treatment program in which measuring of fidelity is wanted. Likewise, the specific scoring instructions can be adjusted under Notes for the individual items.

Assessing adherence and competence requires thorough training using the CAS-TM-CBT instrument and training in MMM or other corresponding CBT manuals as well as profound knowledge of the principles of CBT methods and of psychopathology in children.

Please read or download the full document here

Please read the results of the original investigation here as published in JAMA Psychiatry December 23rd, 2020: Effectiveness of Transdiagnostic Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy Compared With Management as Usual for Youth With Common Mental Health ProblemsA Randomized Clinical Trial


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